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Paid Media Manager

RemoteWarsaw, Mazowieckie, PolandPerformance

Job description

Mercedes is looking for a person to join her team at Performante.

This team manages paid campaigns on digital advertising platforms in EMEA, NA and LATAM markets.

What is this role all about?

You'll collaborate with Account Managers to craft compelling offers and cost estimates for our clients. You'll take charge of executing campaigns on a global scale, crafting media plans, setting budgets, and developing effective tactics. Your role will involve managing campaign activities, closely monitoring performance, proposing strategic optimizations, and creating comprehensive reports. These reports will not only showcase the results achieved but also include insightful explanations and recommendations to drive further enhancements for our clients.

Job requirements

What skills are needed to successfully perform this job?

  • Demonstrated expertise: You're not a rookie when it comes to managing paid media campaigns on platforms like Google and Meta. You've gained substantial experience and have a solid grip on essential areas such as keyword research, mastering metrics like CPA, CPL, ROI, CR, and other key KPIs, adeptly working with audience targeting, and a keen understanding of conversion tracking and optimization. Experience with Twitter, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn is valuable, and a background in ecommerce is an added asset, but it's not a must-have.

  • Strategic approach: Embrace a strategic mindset, crafting multichannel strategies that supercharge our ability to achieve client objectives across every step of the marketing funnel.

  • Comprehensive reporting: We're looking for the full picture. Lay out the details on performance metrics and reporting. Align them with those target KPIs, catch any unexpected twists, and share your thoughts on how to hit the mark. We crave this info for our internal team and when we're in client conversations.

  • Analytical proficiency: You’re the numbers guru, extracting actionable insights from data like a pro. 

  • Tools proficiency: You’ve got a real comfy vibe with tools like GA4, GTM, and Looker Studio. Being pals with the Merchant Center is a plus.

  • Languages: Fluent Polish and English is a must. Spanish would be nice-to-have, but it’s not necessary to succeed in this role.

What qualities will make you successful in this role at Performante? This section will also give you a view on our culture and attitude that we value.

  • Eagerness to learn and develop: We look for people who are naturally curious. Who want to know “why” and “how”. Digital industry is changing every day - you need to stay up-to-date, follow and predict trends to be ahead of the competition. 

  • Problem solving: Nothing that makes us learn, goes smoothly. We look for people who enjoy finding solutions and overcoming obstacles.

  • Communicating well: Clarity, logic and conciseness, but also listening, openness and respect are what we cherish in communication with each other and with our clients.

  • Caring about quality: If you do it, do it right! Keeping high standards in all we do, attention to detail and high level of carefulness are very important in the work we deliver for both our clients and to each other internally.

  • Sense of ownership and accountability: The outcomes of our work depend very much on our proactivity, attitude and approach, so we look for people who simply care and want to take ownership of their projects.

  • Flexibility: Change is the only constant in today’s world. Things change on the market, on projects, in the team. We look for people who see change as an opportunity, not a blocker.

  • Teamwork mindset: We all play in the same team. We are there for each other. Always. We don’t leave colleagues or clients without support.

  • Ambition and drive for results: When something is good, we want to make it great. We aim to generate the best results for our clients. We look for people who derive satisfaction from achieving challenging goals.

  • Planning and time management: You’re the captain of your own ship when it comes to juggling deadlines, objectives, and schedules.